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Sunday, July 5, 2020
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Rick Pazdzierski Way Krystal Watson
Rick Pazdzierski Way

As the founder and original owner, Rick Pazdzierski has been an integral part of Seaside Coatings for 40 years. Even after the company was purchased by Park Derochie and Rick’s later retirement, he has continued to work voluntarily several times a week as an advisor on safety, equipment, jobs, property and more. When emergencies arise, Rick is quick to respond, cleaning up flooding from burst pipes and protecting the property from neighbouring fires.

In addition to Rick’s dedication, he seems to bring with him a bit of luck. Long-time employees tell stories dating back to the 1970’s about Seaside luck, and how everything Rick touched went well. Even in the worst job conditions, with Rick’s positive attitude, everything would come together perfectly, as he never spoke of problems only solutions.

In honor of Rick’s 70th birthday this month. Park Derochie (Seaside) Coatings Inc. has named the street entering their property “Rick Pazdzierski Way” in hopes that everything entering the property will continue to enter with Rick’s special brand of “Seaside luck”.

Happy birthday Rick and thank you for your continual dedication to Park Derochie (Seaside)!

Rick with his sign Andy, Rick and Olena

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Avatar  Krystal on behalf of Rick Pazdzierski 3 years ago

I would like to thank Jeff Granberg, Park Derochie Seaside and all the company employees for my 70th birthday gathering. It was a nice surprise.

Behind every success is a lot of support. I would like to acknowledge my wife Eleanor, who was my partner in everything we accomplished.

We certainly appreciate all the people we met along the way who were involved in our success. Forty Years of great memories.

Rick Pazdzierski

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