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Wednesday, January 29, 2020
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What's New at Park Derochie


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Park Derochie Ontario Daniela Soto
Park Derochie Ontario
In 2017, Park Derochie Inc. opened its first eastern facility in Sarnia, Ontario. The city of Sarnia is located in the hub of petrochemical valley and the surrounding area is home to 62 facilities and refineries. This Ontario location offers Park Derochie’s full suite of field services, including but ...
The Park Derochie / HAKI Scaffolding Advantage Daniela Soto
The Park Derochie / HAKI Scaffolding Advantage
To better illustrate the Park Derochie HAKI advantage, we have completed a direct comparison between the use of traditional scaffolding material versus HAKI scaffold components on a recent tank project. The results are as follows. Reservoir Dimension – 46.1m; Reservoir Height (top of berm to parapet) – 13.5m HAKI Scaffold Components required:  ...

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