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Sunday, March 29, 2020
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Fall / Winter Driving in Canada Daniela Soto
Fall / Winter Driving in Canada
Canadians are experienced when it comes to driving in the snow and ice, but statistics prove the first months of fall pose the greatest challenge for vehicle operators. Even the best of drivers may find their skills tested during fall and winter conditions. Canadian insurance providers traditionally report a 49% ...
School Zone Safety Daniela Soto
School Zone Safety
We would like to give a friendly reminder to all drivers and their families to be extra cautious on the roads following this long weekend – why? School zones across the province are back in effect More than 700,000 Alberta students will be returning to the ...
The Park Derochie / HAKI Scaffolding Advantage Daniela Soto
The Park Derochie / HAKI Scaffolding Advantage
To better illustrate the Park Derochie HAKI advantage, we have completed a direct comparison between the use of traditional scaffolding material versus HAKI scaffold components on a recent tank project. The results are as follows. Reservoir Dimension – 46.1m; Reservoir Height (top of berm to parapet) – 13.5m HAKI Scaffold Components required:  ...
From Syria with Love Daniela Soto
From Syria with Love
When Manhal Alkanakri, Abdulhafed Almagri, Ibrahim Alhariri and Rachid Anker fled war-torn Syria in 2016 to start a new life in Canada, they knew it wouldn’t be easy. They had to learn English. They had to find places to live. And they had to find jobs that would support their ...
HAPPY 150th CANADA!! Michelle
Park Derochie (Seaside) Coatings Inc. President, Andy Bellemore (R) and Office Manager, Olena Pazdzierski (L) welcome two of the newest members of our PD family. Syrian refugees Abdulhafed Almasri and Manhal Alkanakri were referred to us through the Refugee Training and Employment Program provided by BC Alliance for Manufacturing. Both ...
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