HAKITEC - Weather Protection System
Monday, April 19, 2021
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HAKITEC - Weather Protection System

Rain and snow. Cold and Wind. There’s no bad weather. HAKITEC protects your site and makes your work more profitable. 

No other weather protection system is as versatile as HAKITEC. There are so many options and applications that there is always a solution to suit your needs. 


HAKITEC 750 has a robust lattice beam that is 750mm (2.46 in) deep. The beam is available in various lengths and angles, making it easy to tailor the roof trusses to the desired span and form, to giving a wide range of options; a gable roof of pitch 15o or 22.5o, a polygonal roof or a monopitched roof.

The weather protection is assembled in place quickly and safely or on the ground in long sections that are lifted in to place using a crane. 

Traditional Sheeting

HAKITEC 750 can be covered with the traditional HAKITEC sheeting, a heavily reinforced LD polythene, on braced guardrail frames with the aid of fixing beams.

HAKITEC 750 with HAKI Trak

This weather protection has the same framework as HAKITEC 750, but with different sheeting.

HAKITEC 750 with HAKI Trak has an extremely hardwearing sheeting that is very easy to fit. The system consists of sheeting with keder beading and aluminum tracks. It is manufactured in fixed lengths, but can easily be provided with extra pockets and 1m (3.28 ft.) between centers at each end for greater flexibility. A 24m (78.74 ft.) sheet can then be used on roofs with widths from 18m (59.05 ft.) to 24m (78.74 ft.) several times in succession.

The tracks are tailored to the length of the lattice beams and fixed quickly and simply with track clamp beams and saddle and spring pins. They are joined using track joint plates and seals. A ridge roller is fitted at the ridge for simpler fitting and stretching of the sheeting.

Platform for Simpler Assembly

The roofs are assembled simply and safely from a platform at one end of the roof and then rolled out in sections as they are completed. The cost of a crane can be minimized since all material is hoisted up to the platform.


The traditional HAKITEC 450 weather protection can be built as a gable roof of pitch 15o or 30o or as a monopitch roof. It is easy to adapt the weather protection to your immediate requirements with spans up to 12m (39.37 ft.) or 18m (59.05 ft.) with reinforcement. The roof is covered with robust HAKITEC sheeting that is suitable for all types of covering.

Easy to Assemble

The weather protection is assembled in place or on the ground in sections that are lifted into position using a crane. It is also possible to erect wheeled sections over opening to facilitate the transport of materials in and out.


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