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Sunday, April 18, 2021
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Park Derochie Partners With HAKI As Their Primary Contractor And Distributor For The HAKI Universal Scaffolding System In North America

Park Derochie is pleased to announce its new partnership with leading global scaffolding manufacturer HAKI. Effective immediately Park Derochie will be the primary contracting partner and distributor in North America for the HAKI Universal Product range – including but not limited to, steel and aluminum Universal Scaffolding, Stair Tower systems, the all-new HBS (HAKI Bridge System) and the all-new PAS (Public Access Stairs). Park Derochie will also have access to the complete range of HAKI products.

With over 60 years of experience, Park Derochie specializes in all types of coatings and blasting, fireproofing, mechanical insulation, scaffolding and containment in a variety of sectors. Park Derochie offers shop and field services to both industrial and large commercial customers throughout North America and continues to lead the way as one of Canada’s premier industrial contractors.

As per its mission statement, for Park Derochie to provide “Best in Class Services”, “Best in Class Products” must be used. Choosing to partner with HAKI provides clients throughout North America with a system that addresses the three most important factors in determining the “right” scaffolding; Safety, Quality & Productivity.

Tony Barnard, VP Scaffolding & Access, PD Canada said, “I have been in the scaffolding industry for over 38 years, and in my travels I have used many different systems around the world. In my opinion the HAKI system is the closest system you will find to Tube & Clamp, the most recognized system worldwide, but HAKI Scaffolding is safer, of higher quality and provides increased productivity.”

The HAKI Universal scaffolding system is conservatively estimated to give a 20% productivity savings on erecting and dismantling year round. It is lighter than most systems and requires less components and less usage of tools when erecting common scaffold builds.

With most companies in North America owning millions of dollars’ worth of scaffolding equipment, changing over to a new system is a costly endeavour. As Park Derochie had primarily rented its scaffolding equipment, Park Derochie was uniquely positioned to take advantage of this game changing opportunity when it arose.

Chris Stokes, VP Marketing and Business Development for HAKI said: “HAKI Scaffolding has long been established in North America as a leading player in the modular system scaffolding market, but this partnership will take things to the next level in the region and the timing is perfect – given the updated and wider range of new HAKI Universal products available.

“There’s a lot of symmetry between Park Derochie and HAKI as well-established, quality brands with industrial access industry heritage – making this a very natural progression. We are excited about the plethora of possibilities ahead, as the two brands work cohesively together to establish Park Derochie utilizing HAKI Universal scaffolding as the number one ‘go to’ for modular/frame scaffold in North America.”

Barnard added, “In addition to HAKI’s increased safety, quality and productivity and upon seeing how widely HAKI Scaffolding is used throughout Europe in the oil & gas, offshore and commercial industries, we at Park Derochie believe that this system will play a major role in the scaffolding industry throughout North America. I do believe that it will play a major role in steering scaffolding into a new era from a safety and cost perspective.”

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For more information on HAKI Scaffolding: ParkDerochie.com/Scaffolding


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