Park Derochie is committed to identifying environmental risks and implementing proactive measures to prevent environmental impacts on our worksites and as well as the communities in which we operate.


To achieve this, Park Derochie utilizes the following guiding principles to govern our commitment to environmental protection and sustainability:

  • Comply with relevant environmental legislation for the jurisdiction of operation
  • Pursue efficient processes to reduce, reuse and conserve inputs to and environmental outputs from our processes
  • Implement an environmental management system appropriate for the type of work performed
    • Integrate environmental considerations and impacts into our decision making and activities
    • Educate and train employees in the identification of environmental risks and prevention of environmental incidents
    • Effectively manage and investigate environmental incidents to mitigate impacts and prevent recurrence
  • Continually improve and enhance environmental proactive measures

Park Derochie believes environmentally responsible operations are essential to the success of our business. To verify corporate governance, our environmental performance is regularly assessed for conformance to our environmental policy. Ultimately, it is our Leadership and employee’s demonstrated commitment to environmental protection and sustainability which realizes Park Derochie’s goal of operational excellence and long-term business success.


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