Field Fireproofing

Park Derochie has been active in industrial field fireproofing since 1973. Our experience with field fireproofing has allowed Park Derochie to become one of North America’s premiere companies in this field.

Shop Fireproofing

With our 75,000 square foot shop facilities on over 13 acres, Park Derochie is capable of handling any shop project. Our shops are serviced by five overhead cranes, up to 15 tons each – all with double trolley and hooks. Our facilities are designed for flexibility, allowing us to allocate space to react to shifts in workload and priorities as required.

Intumescent Fireproofing

Intumescent Fireproofing has made strides in capturing a space in the Onshore Fireproofing market and Park Derochie is poised to deliver this service for our clients. We are a certified applicator of all types of intumescent / intumastic fireproofing products including:

  • Chartek.
  • FIRETEX M90 series
  • Nullifire
  • Pitt-Char
  • Thermolag

Cementitous Fireproofing

Our fireproofing installations are performed using methods and improvements with extreme climactic conditions in mind. Our certified installers specialize in the industrial field sector and have the training, knowledge and skills to work with a variety of different applications of cementitious fireproofing.

Module Fireproofing

Industrial Construction is trending increasingly towards off-site modularization and we have become industry leaders by providing module projects. With our highly trained tradesmen we have the ability to adapt and work within congested module yards, but also meet or exceed the rigorous demands involved to complete these projects safely, on schedule and within budget.

Material Tracking

We have developed an in-house database that allows us to track and coordinate the movements and progress of individual piece marks through our shop facilities. Using this information, we are able to communicate electronically with our clients to improve response times, consistency and accuracy of information. We believe good reporting is key to identifying and controlling cost overruns. Projects are managed so clients have ability to retrieve up-to-date and accurate status within any given project.


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