Proud Partners

Park Derochie is proud to contribute to numerous sectors within the community including: school programs, youth sports, health foundations, charities and community programs. We firmly believe that supporting Health and Wellness, as well as Education, builds stronger, healthier individuals who in turn ‘pay it forward’, creating stronger communities.

We believe that reconciliation and inclusion comes from the heart and the only way to build that into the culture of a company is to get involved; from management to the field level employees, as well as our families. We have adopted the “Calls to Action” into our day to day operations with creating positive relationships within the Indigenous communities, provided access to work fronts and education opportunities, as well as provide our employees with training on the history of the indigenous communities.

Through our efforts in working with Indigenous communities and groups, we have succeeded in building trust and have developed many meaningful relationships. Through our strong relationships with our Indigenous communities, Park Derochie has continued to hire and train First Nations people and as a result this allows Park Derochie to continue to provide our clients with “Best in Class Services”. As an equal opportunity employer, Park Derochie has over the past 5 years maintained 25% indigenous labour force and have paid over $30 Million in direct wages (Money in Pockets) to our Indigenous employees. It is important to Park Derochie to ensure we treat each employee with the fairness and respect. Through these initiatives, these employees hold positions of senior management, supervisory roles and direct apprenticeship positions.

Some of our partnerships, Joint Ventures and/or Memorandum of Understanding (MOU’s) over the past 6 years include:

  • Metis Nation Saskatchewan Western Region 3
  • Pasqua First Nations
  • Cheam First Nations
  • Gitgat’at First Nations
  • Haisla First Nations





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